Paramedical College In Agraparamedical colleges are the backbone of our country. They are the soldiers in the white uniform which helps our country to protect against medical emergencies and other threats to the medical sector.

Health is the greatest gift that we have received from god and the paramedics help to retain that health. 

Dolphin PG College

One such college that has been doing a great job is Dolphin PG College. The college has been the best paramedical college which has produced the most talented and very intelligent students, who are serving in different parts of the country. The college was established in the year 2006 and since then it has made its name as the best college in the country for paramedical studies. Also, the Punjabi government supports the college. 

The college is located in a prominent area of Punjab and offers an ideal learning environment for you to study in. Additionally, the staff is highly qualified and has extensive experience in the field of education.

Ample infrastructure in the form of laboratories outfitted with contemporary tools has been developed by the college with consideration for the hands-on, practical training that students receive. The college’s library contains an adequate amount of books. There are two distinct hostels for male and female students from distant locations, in addition to transportation services for staff and students from surrounding areas. The college has hired knowledgeable and skilled faculty for its various departments. The college offers a variety of courses in different fields. The college has the best infrastructure for the students. Also, the college organizes personality development programs for the betterment of the individual, so that they can improve their personality, gain confidence in public speaking, and also learn how to cope with the stress and demands of the paramedic’s job.

Different courses offered by the Dolphin PG college 

Different courses are offered by the college which is for students who want to pursue undergraduate or post-graduation.

The Medical Laboratory Technology Diploma programme teaches students how to analyse samples and perform diagnostic tests in a clinical laboratory environment.

  •  The Operation Theatre Technology Diploma programme teaches students how to run the operating room and support surgeons during procedures.
  • Diploma in Radiography Technology – The goal of the Diploma in Radiography Technology programme is to teach students how to operate CT scans, X-rays, and other imaging techniques.
  •  This programme gives students the tools to help patients become more capable of carrying out everyday duties and activities.
  • Optometry  – This programme prepares students to identify, treat, and prescribe corrective lenses for visual impairments.
  • Advanced training in laboratory techniques and technology is the main focus of the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) programme.
  • Bachelor of Radiography and Imaging Technology – this includes the advanced methods in the field of radiography and imaging technology.
  • Bachelor’s of science in nursing – undergoing this course specializes in making a nurse who can serve patients in different parts of the world.
  • MSc microbiology – field of science where one studies the biology of microorganisms.

Why should one choose Dolphin PG College?

The college ticks all the checkboxes to be the best college for paramedical study in the country. The college has produced one of the best talents of the country who now serve in different parts of India and also the world. They have a vision to be the most loved institution in the country.

  • to rank among India’s top and most prestigious educational institutions.
  • to train value-added labour for businesses, institutions, and society to uphold creative values and bring honours to our country.
  • to exert pressure on priceless resources intended for the benefit of humanity.
  • Dolphin PG College provides a range of courses about healthcare. Radiology, medical laboratory technology, and emerging medical services are just a few of the topics covered in these courses, which let students concentrate on their specific interests.
  • At Dolphin PG College in Agra, private paramedical courses are growing in popularity. We often emphasise having access to excellent offices, a wide variety of courses, and affordable preparation. Graduating students now have an advantage in the gig economy.
  • For those with a paramedical degree, there are numerous career options available in the medical services sector. Graduates can find employment in clinics, facilities, symptomatic areas, and other contexts.
  • They have a library which contains books related to different subjects taught in the college and students can sit and study in the college for long hours.
  • They also have tie-ups with different multispeciality hospitals which also provide opportunities to students by providing them with hands-on training in the hospitals.


Choosing Dolphin PG College for your paramedical studies is the best decision one can make. it’s a place where one not only learns about the paramedical concepts but also learns foundational skills like confidence, exposure, stress management, working under immense stress and other personality-building skills. Getting into college builds the character which remains with the person for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – Which is the best college for Paramedical studies in the country?

A – The most preferred choice for the students in Dolphin PG College.

Q – how many different courses do they offer in paramedical?

A – there are more than 10 courses to choose from.